Monday, March 29, 2010

Recording My Friends with my friends

The process has officially begun. We don't have our old record that no one heard (that story someday). So we are working on a new one, in our new space, with our new producer and on our own terms. We are trying to capture what we do live on record. I know it's a cliché phrase, but it's what it is. We shall see what comes of it or maybe boom goes the dynamite.

Recording My Friends from Brian Buckley Band on Vimeo.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hello Thud


Goodbye Uncle

So February ended with the end of our rein of terror at Uncle Studios. Uncle was the at the inception of the band, holding this baby for the first time as we began to grow. We cut our teeth at Uncle, we skinned our knee at Uncle, we lost our virginity at Uncle (figuratively of course). The band rehearsing religiously every week made us a force to be reckoned with, a well oiled machine, it made us more than 4 men with instruments. It made us a band. During our stay at Uncle's, we were lucky enough to meet the most amazing, hilarious, and friendly person on this planet. Pat. He could be your best friend at the same time he was insulting you with an insult that had no possible comeback, and if you thought you had a comeback, you were wrong, because he'd put you right back in your place. We can't thank him enough for often letting us stay an extra 15 minutes, and always making us smile. His wife is the luckiest woman on the planet, and his children have an amazing role model and father figure. We miss you already Pat...

Amber Moran

Brian Buckley Band design final Check it out. A community of artists where you can find what you are looking for. I was lucky enough to find Amber Moran. Who designed a beautiful piece of art for the band. She was so gracious to take our original sketch of an idea and turn it into something wonderful. Our thanks and gratitude to her. Please check out her work.
Dan B

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Studio Move In

March 1, 2010 we started the move in to the new studio. I think Chris' face sums up our excitement. We are getting things moving and can't wait to start recording. I got to see Casey Hurt perform the night before at Hotel Cafe, boy can this man sing. Keep an eye out for shows and upcoming releases. Many thanks for the help he provided with move in. He was quoted as saying, "People made fun of me when I got a minivan, but then they needed to move stuff..." We also got to meet Meytal Cohen, an amazing drummer who rehearses at the same lockout location. She just received a sponsorship from Vic Firth and a new drum set. Looking forward to many updates from the studio.
Dan B